Restaurant at Saint-Privat-d’Allier

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Quick menu at 11 €

Rustic plate

Green salad, tomatoes, ham, pâté de campagne, saucisson, condiments, butter and fresh omelette

Noon only : menu of day 13 €

Or play of the day : 9 € from monday to friday

Children’s menu 8 €

1 syrup au choix

Ham ou saucisson Or little salad

Minced beef with vegetables of the day

Dessert at choice

Hiker menu at 16 €

Green lentil salad of the Puy en Velay Or Salad with Bleu d’Auvergne (cheese) Or Cooked meats

Andouillette Or chuck steak

(served with three vegetables and a moutard gravy)

Cheese Or dessert at choice

Discovery menu at 25 €

Plate of smoked trout and warm toasts Or salad with goat cheese Or cooked meats Or parsley snails Or trout with lemon

Steak with cheese sauce, pepper Or goose fillet Or calf steak with cream

(meat served with three vegetables)

Cottage cheese Or Three cheese of the region

Dessert at choice